Exploring High Fashion: 5 Pieces from Pre-Fall 2019

Hi y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be talking about something a bit different: high fashion. I was walking through Harrod’s the other day, getting lost of course, and felt inspired by all of the beautiful displays the fashion houses had. It was hard to decide which season to explore and write about, but ultimately I landed on on Pre-Fall 2019, the season we’re currently in. The crazy thing about high fashion is how far in advance it’s executed: shows for Pre-Fall 2019 were in November 2018, meaning the pieces were sketched, created, and shown months, or even years, before the season. These fashion houses serve as inspiration for fast fashion brands, who start developing their collections after seeing these high fashion brands’ shows; ultimately, high fashion houses set trends. I am certainly not an expert on high fashion and this post is not endorsing buying these expensive designs, but I hope you are able to see where this summer’s trends came from and you can be inspired by these pieces as much as I am.


This nude cocktail dress is a stunner, and I would wear it in a heartbeat. It combines this summer’s trends of florals and glitz on a beautifully crafted dress. This dress, or one inspired by it, would be perfect for a summer wedding.

This glitzy gown is great inspiration for prom, formal, or any other long dress occasion you may have. One detail that I love about this dress is that it has not only glitters stitched on, but pearls as well. The mix of textures give the dress more depth to the somewhat simple silhouette.

Off-the-shoulder tops and floral prints are everywhere this summer, so it’s no surprise they’re on the high-end market as well. The bold print and color on this top are stunning and I love the less conventional take on off-the-shoulder.


I am in love with this monotone look; the various shades of blue and green compliment each other perfectly. The coat is really what attracts me to this outfit, it would be a perfect coat for fall or spring. It’s a very classic silhouette with a modern color scheme and pattern.

Alice + Olivia

This two piece set is one of my favorite looks I’m writing about. The color is so vibrant and fun and the silhouette balances sleek and soft. One aspect of this outfit that I love is that it combines men’s and women’s styles from the 1970’s with a boho, flowy, feminine top, and men’s disco pants. The styling for this photo is extremely wearable for every day: a monotone outfit with a statement shoe.

I hope y’all liked thefive pieces I chose to share with y’all and that you feel as inspired by them as I am. I plan to start learning more about high fashion and hopefully blogging about it more because it’s so interesting to see where trends come from.


Brussels Travel Diary

Hey y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be telling you all about my weekend in Brussels. My friend and sorority sister, Lily, is living in Brussels for the summer studying and interning. I was super excited when she asked me to come visit her because of course I wanted to see her, but I had also not been to a French-speaking country. In French class in middle and high school, my teachers constantly talked about how amazing French-speaking countries are and prepared us to travel to those parts of the world with travel vocabulary. I booked my train within an hour of Lily asking me to visit and a few days later I was on my way.


My train left London at 3 on Friday afternoon. I took the tube from my dorm to St Pancras International and then the Eurostar from London to Brussels. I arrived about an hour before departure and got through security and border patrol in under ten minutes. The terminal was very clean and quite similar to an airport but much more quiet, perfect to get ahead on my homework for the following week. The train boarded about twenty minutes prior to departure and we left the station about three minutes early. I was sitting at a table with four seats, however there was nobody sitting with me so I had plenty of space to spread out and keep working. The train went about 275 kilometers per hour so we sped through the English countryside and were in the tunnel between the UK and France in no time. In France, the train stopped shortly in Lille and then proceeded to Brussels. When I arrived, I was greeted by Lily, a bottle of rosé, and peaches. After a quick snack, we walked into downtown Brussels and began our adventure. We started at a cocktail bar in a medieval building, where we ate nachos and had cocktails. Lily then took me to the famous Peeing Boy statue, which had drawn a large crowd. From there we went to the main square, which is full of elegant, gilded buildings—and a lot of tourists.

Brussels’ City Square

We then got fries at Lily’s favorite fry stand and headed to Delirium Village to try one of the bar’s 3000 beers. After our last drink, we headed back to Lily’s apartment to sleep after a long day of travel and adventure.

Delirium Village


We slept in on Saturday and had avocado toast at the apartment for breakfast. We spent the early afternoon shopping in a few of the adorable boutiques in Brussels, but didn’t end up buying anything.

An outfit I created while shopping

After a bit of browsing, we headed to a Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant for lunch. Neither of us were expecting the restaurant to be fusion, we thought it was just a sushi place, but we were pleasantly surprised. We peeked in a few more stores and took a few outfit pictures before heading back to Lily’s place to change since it was starting to rain.

Taking pictures for Instagram

We stayed at the apartment for a little bit before venturing back into the world. We went to a small bar which I could only explain as punkish and hipster, my dad would have loved it. After a beer, we went next door for some fondue, which I hadn’t had in years. We meandered a bit more before grabbing a waffle and finding ourselves at an experimental cocktail bar with a very knowledgeable bartender.

Grabbing a drink at an experimental cocktail bar

After sitting down and talking over a drink for a while, Lily and I headed back to her place to watch a movie. On the way, however, we stopped to watch the sunset over the city, which was stunning.

Sunset over Brussels


We woke up late again and went to a café for breakfast. I had a bagel with lox, unsurprisingly. The salmon was tasty but I didn’t love the other toppings they put on it.

Bagel with lox

We then stumbled upon an antique shop which we briefly explored. There were lots of animal heads and Christian paraphernalia, which I didn’t expect, however it was my first time in an antique store.

Mirror selfie in the antique store

Next, we headed to pick up some macarons for dessert that night and went grocery shopping.


We did some homework at Lily’s apartment before making risotto for dinner and jamming to the Book of Mormon soundtrack. Lily then took me to the train station for my 8 PM train back to London.

I am really grateful I was able to visit Lily and see Belgium for the first time! We ate so much food, all of which was delicious, and explore some places in the city that even Lily hadn’t been to. I had fun speaking French in a French-speaking country for the first time and seeing, in person, the culture that I learned about in class for so many years.

Blogging Bloopers #2 – London Edition

Hey y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all some new behind the scenes pictures from my Instagram. I think these posts are pretty funny and a good reminder that my Instagram is a highlight reel and not my reality. Every time I set out to take pictures, I take about 50 and only ever choose one or two that I like enough to post. Here are some of the rejects:

These photos show that I don’t take myself too seriously. In all honesty, I get super awkward taking pictures when other people are around and I don’t know what to do with myself so I make funny faces. I hope y’all enjoyed this behind the scenes of my Instagram!

Sweetgreen Style Salmon Salad

Hi y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I am going to be sharing with y’all a recipe for a salad I like to make that is inspired by sweetgreen. Recently I asked on my Instagram story if y’all would be interested in reading about different meals I make for myself. On BU’s London campus there is no meal plan or dining hall, however there are a few shared kitchens on each floor, so I have been cooking a lot. This salad is super yummy and is very flexible to meet various tastes and dietary needs. Just a quick disclaimer that when I cook, I rarely use precise measurements as I find that trying to stick exactly to a recipe stresses me out and often causes more problems for me. This post is meant to show the different flavors you can can combine to create a yummy dish!

Positive response to asking about cooking posts

What You’ll Need:

  • Salmon
  • Hoisin Sauce (Can use teriyaki, soyaki, or coconut aminos as a substitute)
  • Sriracha
  • Ginger or Ginger Paste
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Carrots (or other veggies that you like)
  • Lemon
  • Lemongrass
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Greens of your choice
  • Grain of your choice

I started by putting my salmon and broccoli mix in a bowl and mixing in hoisin, sriracha, ginger paste, lemongrass, salt, pepper, and lemon zest to my own flavor preference (I prefer a sriracha heavy sauce but others may prefer something less spicy). I had some time before getting home and needing dinner so I did this about four hours before cooking and let the mixture marinate in the fridge. I have also made this recipe without marinating and it is also tasty but I think the salmon has better flavor after marinating.

Before adding sauce
After adding sauce

When I was ready to cook, I put the mixture in an oven-safe dish and put it in the oven at 180 Celsius/350 Fahrenheit. After about ten minutes, the fish was done but the veggies could use some more cooking, so I took the dish out and transferred the salmon to a hot pan with a bit of oil to crisp up the skin. While crisping, I put the veggies back in the oven for a few more minutes. You certainly can skip the crisping step if you’d like, but I prefer the crispy skin.

Ready to Cook
Crisping the Salmon Skin

Meanwhile, I had been cooking my quinoa in another pan. This was my first time making this recipe with quinoa and I loved how it turned out. I have also made this with Uncle Ben’s Two Minute Rice and it was just as good. Feel free to choose whatever grain you like!

I also made a simple salad dressing using the ingredients I had used to marinate the fish and vegetables. I combined olive oil, salt, pepper, sriracha, hoisin, ginger paste and lemon juice in a small bowl to flavor the greens and quinoa.

Salad Dressing

After all the pieces were ready, about twenty minutes total, I placed the salmon, vegetables, and quinoa on a bed of baby spinach and cherry tomatoes. On the side, I had the dressing I made as well as slices of lemon. I love the taste of salmon and lemon together and I think the tartness makes it more sweetgreen-esque.

The Final Product

This salad is very easy and quick, but also inexpensive and filling. In total, this salad cost around ten pounds to make for two people, which is far less expensive than eating out. It is also more filling than most salads because it has protein, hearty veggies, and grain. I hope y’all found this recipe helpful and hopefully you feel inspired to make this meal, or something like it, for yourself.

My Five Favorite Summer Trends 2019

Hi y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’ll be sharing with y’all my top five trends this summer. I got this idea from one of my classmates, Ella, who runs the cutest blog (click here to read it).

1. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a summer classic but they’ve been so on trend recently. I’ve been looking for a good pair for a few months now and I finally found some at TK Maxx here in London. They are available at most fashion retailers, but I definitely had specific traits in mind when I was looking for mine, hence why I took some time to search for my perfect pair.

2. Pearl Hair Clips

I feel like I’ve been seeing pearl barrettes/hair clips everywhere the past few months and for good reason. They’re so cute and can be so inexpensive. They make a casual outfit look incredibly chic in a few seconds. I know they can be found on Amazon, Wish, Aliexpress, etc. for a low price.

3. Silk Scarves

Silk scares are such a cute accessory this summer. They can be worn in your hair, around your neck, or tied to your purse. Any way you style it, a silk scarf can make an outfit look more expensive, even if the scarf isn’t. I have one from Lilly Pulitzer that I got on sale, but you can find them at most of your favorite stores.

4. Multi-Colored Nails

I first saw this trend on the Beerman sisters a month or so back and now it seems like everyone on my Instagram feed is following this trend. It’s such a simple yet creative way to do your nails. It’s also super easy to do at home but can still look like it was done by a professional. A cool thing about this trend is you can make it as bright or as neutral as you want depending on your style or taste.

5. Crocs

Never thought you’d read this on a fashion blog, right? I am so excited that Crocs are finally getting the justice they deserve as I have been an adamant fan since childhood. They’re so comfortable and perfect to throw on we running shorts and a big t-shirt when you’re feeling casual. I am so thankful that Balenciaga made Crocs cool and acceptable again!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading my top trends of this summer! Let me know if you like this kind of post and want to see more content like this.

Disclaimer: None of these photos are my own, all are sourced from Pinterest. All credit is given to the original creators.

Dresses I’m Loving Lately

Hi y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be sharing with you some dresses that have been on my wishlist recently. These dresses should hit a variety of price ranges to make my style more accessible to all of y’all.

Chambray Floral Wrap Dress – J. Crew Factory

Wrap dresses are a classic silhouette and florals are super trendy right now so this dress is a perfect fusion of classic and modern. This dress also looks bright and airy, perfect for summer!

Scallop-Edge Dress – J. Crew Factory

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 9.59.36 PM

I’ve been eyeing this dress for some time now. I love the scallops and the bright pink, I think the cut and color would look flattering on all body types and skin colors.

Yellow Palm Print Dress – Pink Lily Boutique

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.04.31 PM

I love the brilliant yellow and fun leafy pattern on this dress. I like this dress as a more trendy option because of the mustard color and peek of skin on the chest. This dress would be adorable for vacation or a day at the beach!

Pink Ruffle Maxi Dress – Pink Lily Boutique

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.08.39 PM

I don’t usually go for maxi dresses, but this one is calling my name. The corally-pink, ruffled sleeves, and slit all scream summer on the beach to me. This would be a great option for weddings or a nicer dinner poolside this summer.

Harper Shift – Lilly Pulitzer

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.12.46 PM

This post would not be complete without a Lilly dress. I am in love with all of Lilly’s prints and styles this summer, especially their Fourth of July print Sea to Shining Sea. The subtle v-neck of the Harper shift is incredibly flattering and the three prints it comes in are stunning.

Jena Stretch Shift – Lilly Pulitzer

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.15.19 PM

I am STUNNED by this dress. I love the intricate detail on the neckline and the way this shade of white complements all skin tones. This dress would be perfect for graduation or any formal summer event.

Striped Embroidered Dress – Vineyard Vines 

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.20.07 PM

I’ve had my eyes on this dress for a minute now, and I’m excited to say that it’s finally on sale! I love the hot pink detailing on a classic silhouette.

Strapless Ruffle Dress – Lulu’s

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.24.55 PM

I fell in love with this dress when I saw one of my sorority sisters, Nicole, wearing it in her graduation pictures. It’s so flattering and comes in a few gorgeous colors. This is such a good option for graduations or weddings!

I hope y’all liked these dresses I’ve been loving lately!


Summer 2019 Plans: Going Abroad, Community Service, and More!

Hi y’all, welcome back to Cleverly Caroline. Today I’m going to be telling y’all a bit about my plans for this summer. I am super excited for everything I have planned, and even the things I am not so sure about yet.

Let me start with the biggest and most exciting part of this summer: studying abroad. Tomorrow night I am flying to London for six weeks of summer classes. As many of you know, I was a January admit to BU as part of the CGS Boston-London Program. This means that I took the Fall 2018 semester off and am now making it up in London. I haven’t been outside the country very much and I have never been to London so I am incredibly excited for what the beginning of this summer has in store.

big ben bridge castle city
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

After London, I am finally going back home to California. I haven’t been back since leaving for school in January and I miss it a lot. In particular, In n Out and Mexican food are really lacking from my life in Boston. When I’m home, I’m hoping to blog much more and work on some really fun new content for y’all. In addition, my family will be heading down to the San Diego area for vacation so I’m looking forward to spending some time on the beach. Besides that trip, I have no real plans for my six weeks at home, which is kind of worrying for me. Every summer before this I have had a set plan for work or summer camp, so having no idea of what’s to come is new for me.

After my time at home, I will be returning to Boston a few weeks early to lead a service trip for incoming Freshman. The program, called FYSOP or First-Year Student Outreach Project, is something that drew me to BU initially and unfortunately, I was unable to do this program as a Freshman because I started in the Spring semester. The program takes first-years and leaders, like me, to different neighborhoods in Boston and the surrounding area to do service. I am so excited to be a FYSOP Leader and I can’t wait to meet my first-years in just a few short months.

After FYSOP is over, I will be heading back to school for my Sophomore year. I can’t believe I’m a Sophomore already and that my first year of college is already over.